Sailing outrigger canoe

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Michael Farmer, Aug 23, 2021.

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    I did not refer to tacking anywhere in my post. I have made it very clear on this forum that I am not a sailor and I never pretend to be..

    I did reference what happens in my boat under a heavy shock load. The rubbers will give a bit.

    And if you watch the Marshallese boats, their systems are not rigid is all.
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    The flexible ama connection on Adrenalin, the Gougeon brother's racing trimaran.
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    Reply to Peter Australia post No, no, no post

    Thanks for the reply I'll check out your link. I have no practical experience of sailing proas, but I do understand how they make too windward by shunting. As for flexibility in the cross beams causing the leeward ama to sink deeper, I just can't see this, you say yourself it needs to rise with the wave, surely it would only cause a slight delay before applying this force to the main hull depend on the amount of flexibility designed into the cross beam. In any case, surely in a small outrigger sailing canoe, the idea is to fly the ama where possible or at least keep it lightly loaded on either tack by using crew weight, only using the ama displacement or weight at slow speed or when stationary, as suits the case
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    Thanks for the post Garry

    That looks extream! way more tech than my simple aplication, although it seems to agree with my thoughts

    Youre Va'a Motu design is more in keeping with what I have in mind.............................Michael

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    My response was intended for Michael Farmer, not fallguy. Often there is a long thread, and the reader skims through it, and exact details of who wrote exactly what in each post are often overlooked. The below link is to the much larger facebook group, this is the first group, that has both shunting and tacking types. It has about 1000 members, versus the newer smaller one with about 20
    Facebook Groups
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