Sailboat plan chosen, appreciate your input.

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Lessis More, Sep 15, 2021.

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    With many many nights online and going back and forth I have decided on the
    Selway Fisher Evening Swan.

    I will post my reasons and would like your input. (reality check)
    • Plywood construction for an enthusiastic DIYer (2 year build?)
    • Well known designer with what seems to be good online support
    • Trailer-able for a regular vehicle at normal road speeds.
    • Sailed on a very big lake and beached on the sand sometimes.
    • Coastal cruising on the SW coast of Sweden.
    • Often sailing solo or with my kids.
    • Sleep in it occasionally
    • Speed is not a priority
    • I really like the look and design!

    What am I missing?

    Thank you!

    Daff and Elsie.jpg 03042011(005).jpg
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    Not a sailor, but you have a good idea what you want. And ply is a friend of amateur and semi-pro builders on a tough timeline; so wise decision to build ply.

    Not sure why the ports are so small if you are not doing hard core sailing. I'd try to make those a bit bigger; they are not even in the hull.
  4. Dolfiman
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    Have you had look at , Francois Vivier is also specialised in that type of DIY traditional boats but with a modern approach, his designs are reputed to have good nautical qualities. The Beniguet for example seems close to your specifications. Be care with the argument "speed is not a priority" , speed is just a fact resulting from the design parameters, but what is always important is to have a good sailboat easy and pleasant to steer, well balanced when heeling, able to go upwind, easy to tack and gybe, with a seaworthy behaviour by breeze.
    Béniguet – François Vivier Architecte Naval
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