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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by charlatan, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. charlatan
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    Sail / dinghy identification


    First post, and new to sailing. We recently bought a house on a marina and with it came a ~3m fiberglass dinghy with main sail & boom, but no mast.

    Can anyone identify the sail insignia?

    I'm not sure that the sail even belongs to this boat, but size-wise it looks relatively correct. The dinghy looks like it takes a deck stepped mast.
    I also have the rudder and centre board.

    PS - location is Cape Town, South Africa.


    The mast in this pic is from another boat:


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  2. Doug Lord
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    Doug Lord Flight Ready

    You might double check these insignias-it's not in here unless I missed it-which is possible:

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  3. PAR
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    I thought it might be one of those old Mercury 18's, but it's too short and the logo is all wrong. I'll check my data base if someone doesn't know.
  4. charlatan
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    charlatan New Member

    Thanks! I actually found this forum by Googling for sail logos, and that PDF came up. I forgot to mention that I've already looked through it.

    I'm going to adapt (shorten) the black mast in the pic so that it extends a foot or so above the mainsail, but I don't know what to do about the jib. That mast seems to be a sort of home made construction that came as a spare with my Enterprise, so I don't mind cutting it.

    Would it be possible to sail with no jib (in light wind)? I need to replace the deck on the Enterprise, so while I'm busy, this would be a way to at least get on the water. Will probably be horribly unbalanced?
  5. gggGuest
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    gggGuest ...

    Difficult to say, it depends on a whole host of factors. I imagine she'll reach and run just fine. Upwind you'll probably be all right in a straight line if you work hard at keeping her really bolt upright when beating, but tacking could be a bit of a pain, and most likely you'll need to concentrate hard on getting her right through the tack and not stuck in irons.
  6. SukiSolo
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    Unfortunately she has a dagger board not a pivoting centreboard. She will sail OK if you move the mast forward, maybe 200-300mm at base level. If you had a c/board you could just leave it raked back to give a similar effect to restore balance. If you check some boats that can be sailed with the 2 mast positions and thereby main/jib or just main such as the Gull and possibly the Mirror you will see the more forward mast step.

    A quick calculation of the C of E in the sail plan for both rigs would show approximately how far you would have to move the base.
  7. Petros
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    could be the symbol for Hermes, the messenger. A "wing foot"? could be the logo for Goodyear tires. i did an image search for each of these and came up with nothing looking like your boat.

    Might have been a locally made boat?
  8. charlatan
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    charlatan New Member

    Thanks all. I will send a mail to some local yacht clubs. Sadly there does not seem to be any local sailing forums (that I could find).

  9. BobBill
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    I think Petros has the idea, local, new, one of a kind...if not, surely, must be some reference in that neck of the woods.

    Might be a defunct class originally and the owner added new spars I did with the Kite dinghy I redid and added a carbon mast and AL boom that will duplicate original Sitka mast and boom which would be expensive to replicate. I did not change that class logo, however.

    However, I finish my current project I will likely put unique class logo on the sail, as the boat, while based on the Malibu Outrigger (and White's Dragonfly sketch), it is significantly different...just to give it a unique "presence."
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