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Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by mbrault, Dec 22, 2002.

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    Looking for some boat plans with the following criterias:

    Length: 42 feet
    Rig: Ketch / schooner
    Hull Potential max Speed: 12-15 kn
    Building material: Steel / alu
    Hull: Single or multiple chine, long keel

    The boat will be used for long passage and cruise for 4 people. It would require to be oriented towards seeworthyness prior to speed performence. On baord motor of min 40 HP is required. Autonomy of 45 days would be a target as far as living aboard. I have alot of experience in woodworking / mechanics... but this will be our first experience in boatbuilding. I would prioritize simplicity and ease of integration over the inevitable "look" issue.

    I am under the ipression that Steel would be a better choice for my project over alu. anyone had experience with both alu and steel boat? Pros and cons?

    Would anyone have tips or suggestions please?
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    Try Bruce Roberts. He advertises in many magazines. I don't know if he's got a website. His plans come with full size patterns and have first time builders in mind. They look pretty good too.
  4. Jeff
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  5. Polarity
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    Not sure you are going to get 12-15 knots out of a 42ft yacht though. Not unless its on a trailer or at 60 deg S.

    You need a cat for that!
  6. Paul Ex
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    Speed of your project boat

    The 12 to 15 knots speed is only possible with a planing hull, build in very strict weight limits using carbon fibre etc.
    In a 42 ft cruising boat, 6 to 7 knots average speed is more the range to look at.
    But don't mind: sailing is great fun, at any speed, just stay dry and warm and well fed!
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    Martin: I would commend to you concerning the aluminum/steel debate, as well as information on various designs that may suit your needs. I would suggest caution with respect to stock Roberts designs: numerous of his designs have suffered total failure of the skeg and consequent sinkings. Roberts suggests that his skegs are designed to be 'sacrificial' - a suicidal concept that masks a serious design flaw. Info. concerning the same can be found at the above mentioned site.

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    Denis Ganley has some nice ketch designs for steel. I'v seen his plans at
    John M
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