sail boat for crossing pacific

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by aaron smith, Dec 19, 2012.

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    interested in sailing as means of transportation to get to asia, trying to be technologically harmless (ironically on internet) considered walking alaska siberia sailing seems the better option currently. interested in a sail boat designed to be able to row for extra motion more quickly thus safely cross. basic concepts are must be unsinkable as possible from being hit, storms, flipped, etc. have seen hollow hull designs make sense also considered think the term is pontoon side boat floatation helps. think triangular sail design is less flippable in case of high winds, probably metal heard story about boat crashed by whale. disinterested in most commercially available boats because do not want to haul kitchenette shower stall etc. around the world and seem with interior space easily sinkable also not rowable will not use motor. quick sketch of concept attached, should have interior hatch space for supplies sleep overboard scalable for number of people. anything similar commercially available or thoughts on construction? applied for marine welding job looking for such to be able to make happen. also need to learn navigation better to be able to find possible land along way in case problems.

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    Arrrr, Aron, How old are you? and your sketch does nothing to indicate your competence in design/building... stick drawings need to be refined somewhat?
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    Welcome to the list. The design shown is a long way from being viable. you will need to be able to get out of the weather in a cabin (the exposure will eventually kill you), and have a hull designed for the north pacific (one of the worst places in the world for small boats during some times of the year). People have both rowed and kayaked this distance in a specially designed boat (with a small sleeping cabin on it). Many crossing the Pacific have spend many weeks hunkered down below decks in really heavy storms or with no wind or useful current in a deep fog. But many many more have done it by sailboat, many without any motor on board at all.

    There are many people that have sailed around the world several times over in a boat without a motor. There are people have books out on the topic, there is even an active member on this forum cruising around the world right now without a motor. Read about Lin and Larry Pardee, they have a blog and many books on the topic.

    But spending many months in a small boat is not the "low impact" way to go. Consider that you will consume food, supplies, fuel of some sort for cooking, wear out clothing and sailing gear along the way over the months as sea. those cost money and consume raw materials and energy to produce. If you pay perhaps $1700 to fly there in one day, you will actually use less resources, and get there much faster too. This costs less than walking even if it were possible. the cost of the airline ticket represents your share of the resources consumed, which is much less than what you would spend in food and supplies to sail or row there in your own boat. Besides that you will be leaving a trail of your own pollution in the water, several months worth in fact. the airline ticket cost includes the proper disposal of your waste costs during your airplane crossing.

    So even if your boat uses no fuel to cross the ocean, it is not the least costly or lowest impact way to travel. Go sailing for the sake of enjoying the activity of sailing or rowing, not for the sake of saving money or the environment. If you can not afford the airline ticket cost get a job for a few months, save your money and than go, you will get there faster. Or get a job on a commercial boat.

    Please explain your motivation, and more details about your idea.
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    Petros has given you the absolute facts about a trans Pacific quest. The same will apply to a trans Atlantic as well.
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    I am guessing this is a joke, don't take the bait.
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    sketch was quick for time purposes and available program, do not like it go build your own. based off of polynesian and viking designs in concept, checked more since basically viable. do not know if fear of weather simply used to luxury slept on six feet of snow in alaska pacific breeze is not sounding threatening. disinterested in causing further environmental harm do not see how possible not welcome in human society unable to find work for year explosive tin can thousands of feet in air makes feel uneasy, boat necessary other reasons anyways. life is not play. hull concept attached secondary mostly hollow metal making floatable two hatches forward back for supplies. assume no western civilization availability any future plane travel or reliability monetary system respond without assumptions.

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    I have lived with what is now known as ADHD all of my life. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

    I can usually fill in the missing gaps when someone is writing or talking.

    But, brother, you are leaving out a lot of essentials. Please fill in some detail. And write in a style a little less jerky. As I read what you wrote, I felt like I was bouncing around.

    The one essential that won't win you a beauty contest is politics - on this forum, skipping political motivation is best.

    But, to your design question(s):

    You need to lay out your

    1. specific BUDGET?

    2. Your sailing experience? Crossing the Pacific is not an easy task, anywhere.

    3. Your building skill?

    4. Short term to middle term use of the boat. It sounds like you will live on the boat for most of the next 2 to 3 years, if so, that is a design requirement.

    5. How adverse are you to climatic damage? Most boat building will add to 'climatic damage.'

    6. So, would you be better off buying a boat?

    7. 'Pacific breeze' is not the same as sleeping on snow - been on snow, been on small waves - SMALL WAVES. I would not compare the two. Snow is a pain, but it won't make you sick in an instant, and won't sink your boat the next instant, and freeze you within 20 minutes the next - Alaskan waters can do that to you. Snow can kill, so I respect it. Especially where I am right now.

    OK, after Saturday, you won't have the Mayan Calendar, and the only big event after that is the return of Jesus .... He is easy to accept.

    So, major problems should not be so major.

    Being underemployed is always a bad thing.

    However, going over seas will not improve your employment opportunities .... I don't know how accepting Australians and New Zealanders are, but the Asian cultures I do know about are not as accepting as the America is.

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    Just one of the problems with this fantasy,is that the Coast Guard (Canadian,Japanese,Russian,US) people will be risking their lives trying to find or rescue you.

    Explosive tin can? Honestly you're in more danger walking down the street than in a jet.

    Go away.
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    sanity and a specific response, shukran.

    money does not exist, you can do things for yourself or possibly if you have social acceptance be able to work with others. race has more importance in being able to get things among other factors than even money has so far in this area.
    fishboating ice sailing experience alaska
    welding, construction, engineering training
    one use east to west ditch it in asia one to three months inshaallah
    what do you mean climactic damage? do not want to drown
    most designs available in area are for luxury boating, assumed massive amounts of technology and unless designed for racing do not go anywhere fast. none designed for rowing as well.
    Will look into wet weather gear.
    <insult directed towards whole country of people removed - please take insults and political/religious jabs to some other site. Thank you.>
    gave up on the human species no idea what employment would mean.
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    trying to leave, that is the point.
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    OKaaaay ! I get it, finally.

    Next question - can you let us know if the stuff you are on is legally prescribed ?
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    I'd like to help you out, which way did you come in?
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    aranda1984 aranda1984

    Just a few words on the subject...

    Lately I have noticed a new religion, ..(No, call it a cult) the enviro-cult where everything is based on renewable, sustainable, green etc...

    I have to say this even if I get hundreds of nasty replies to my statement!

    I don't wish to hurt anybody's feelings, but just by being here and living day to day, we are doing some degree of demage to the environment.
    Breathing, drinking, eating, going to the bathroom, buying shoes and clothing, buying a news paper, using the internet to write silly threads and a hundred more daily routines will all damage the environment to a certain degree.

    Buying a bicycle might look like a smart move, but having hundreds of cars idle in rush hour, because the green minded city fathers took away roadway for bicycle lanes,... hmmm, you make up your mind!

    As it was so visely pointed out, sometimes the least "offensive" way to travel might be flying.

    It must be true! All the patron saints of the green cult travel by jets... Some of them do so on their own private jets.

    Now let me really be the Devil's advocate for a moment.
    There is an incredible outcry against the Alberta oil sands. Some call it tar sands.

    There are different ways of looking at this subject.

    ...Have you people seen oil contaminated soil remediation?
    I have seen what a giant oil company had to do with a large chunk of land where decades ago they stored oil and dumped hundreds of gallons (a bit at a time) polluting the land and ...they moved on...
    They had to remove the land about 30' deep... and replace it with fresh and clean soil.

    So, back to the tar sands... the process is to remove the sand that was polluted by nature, get the oil out of this dirt and put the clean soil back, restore the surface into a green and almost perfect condition...

    I think if anything we should be happy for this re-mediation process.
    Suddenly a land mass that was absolutely useless is a green space.

    I am not working in that field... I have nothing to do with the oil business.
    I no longer drive big Toronados, I turn the lights off when I leave the room...
    By the way, we bought re-usable bags instead of plastic for the groceries, in our house we have LED lights wherever it made sense.

    Let's just say that my family is sensibly green.

    West Van Han is right. Build your enviro-friendly cocoon and the coast guard will have to spend probably over $ 100 000.00 dollars to get your butt to dry land.

    And pray that they have more common sense than paddling the cutter to save you!

    Guess what?

    They will use the "ethical" oil from the oil sands!

    No animals will be harmed in the process in Canada, well paid union workers will be working on every facet of the production, not a penny will go, to finance terrorist organisations and turning the badlands into green space is as GREEN as it can be!

    By the way, if you plan to build your craft and take on the task, please use material that bio-degrades fast, because you might be underwater in no time..

    However, fear not! Everything will be recycled by nature. Even you.

    To the rest of the forum, I was trying to be funny not offensive.
    .... May all of you have a Very Merry Christmas.
    ...In case if you don't celebrate Christmas, do me a favor and have a jolly good time anyway!

    Ho Ho Ho...

    Stephen I. M.
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