Safety Requirements for Catamaran

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Leopard, Feb 12, 2023.

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    I was studying about the safety requirements for passenger ship catamaran type. For example the vessel Bona Vida has the capacity of 200 passengers - the website claims. How practical it could be to have 200 pax for such a small catamaran? Furthermore, interested in knowing the vessel safety requirements for passenger catamaran of this type.


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    Ad Hoc Naval Architect

    It all depends with which Flag/Statutory authority the vessel is being approved by and this which regulations are being applied.

    Is it possible..of long as you can demonstrate compliance with the code that you wish the vessel to operate under.
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    Yes, maximum passenger loading has a lot to do with the route and the probability/time to rescue. Some river ferries have very large passenger loadings per square meter of deck.
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    The regulation that can clarify your doubts is called SOLAS (Safety of Live at Sea), applicable to the vast majority of boats. It is an international regulation to which practically all countries have accepted, adapting their legislation. Regarding stability in particular, "IMO" is a good reference.
    By the way, the "Bona Vida" does not seem to have enough space for the 200 seats it should carry, nor does it seem to have enough rescue boats for those 200 passengers, plus crew. I'm just saying "seems".
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  6. fallguy
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    I stand mostly corrected. This is what I found. I suppose as Ad Hoc mentions, a different flag may carry different passenger maximums based on rules for that country. So, 150 pax in France may be 200 in an Asian nation, etc.

    In my defense, it is hard to get an idea for scale from the pictures and 200 US persons on a 90' catamaran is rather absurd.


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    The local statutory code will define all plus some requirements. In the absence of a code, most statutory rules have adopted or recommend a Class Rule which is written in compliance with Marpol, Colreg, Solas, ect. Emphasis on LSA (lifejackets, liferafts) and FIFI (fire hose, fire extinguishers) equipment.

    Because this a commercial vessel and a small one at that, you will be required a CCTV camera for an unmanned engine space, an additional camera for all not in line of sight of the pilot/captain, and additional lights if you are going to operate at dusk or dawn.

    The local statutory rule will also define the ratio of WC/no. of PAX, the pitch and spacing of the seating arrangement of PAX + passageway.

    And yes, you can fit 200 PAX on a 25m powerboat.
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