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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by DCockey, Dec 28, 2010.

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    Sparkman & Stephens has made over 100 of their "Design Type Plans" available as PDFs for free download. These are drawings of fittings, typical construction details, etc which were not specific to a single boat. They appear to be a good resource for designers to study.

    I found out about these from a post on the WoodenBoat forum.
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  2. michael pierzga
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    Hey DCockey, Great post, Great resource. . Many details in the type plans that I have long forgotten.

    Cotter pin and clevis pin dimensions !!! It should be posted in every marine store and made required reading for every pro rigger. Ill bet that you could go down to the marina and not find one sailing yacht in spec. The spinnaker net ! Many people have forgotten how to net the fortriangle for offshore work. We used a variation of the SS net to drop huge piston hank headsails on a big SS Ketch I used to run.

    Its a shame the presentation format on the SS site is garbled. Many misleading links. I have a project right now in which I would like to use the classic SS engineered inner forestay disconnect detail "D23 - Midstay Adjuster & Disconnect" but I cant find it. Takes plenty of time to rethink and re sketch a simple detail like this for fabrication. Also couldn't find the classic SS midship folding stanchion detail ?? Probably on the site , just mislabeled and hidden.

    Thanks again for the post.... The design work that came out of SS is still the best. The mast chocking detail, with the simple screw jack, is effective but rarely seen these days. Ive watched pro riggers struggle for hours to seat mast chcoks, simply because the designer forgot to include this detail in the mast partners construction detail.
    Helpful info to all who are interested in doing things the right way.
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    ...thanks mate, very interesting....

  4. cthippo
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    Great find, thank you!

    have some rep :)
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