Rudder- variable height system

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by JPKUNZE, May 3, 2009.

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    I am thinking about a 33ft. classic performance cruiser sailboat with lift keel 1,6m- 0,9m and classic aft stern.
    In order to lift the rudder at least the same height as the keel I am thinking, how to realize that.
    The rudder should be pre-balanced, hanging underneath the rear hull, so I suppose, turning-daggerboard sysem like on most dinghies or beach-catamarans could not be realized. Now I have seen a stick-daggerboard system in a rotating module. But this leads to a very short rudder-profile within a very big rotating module. That is quite unefficient by using the rudder for powering forward movement in light air/ harbour-manoeuvre situations.
    Has anyone a golden idea or knows something, that has been realized so far?

    Thanx JPKUNZE
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    I might be a renegade on rudder size, so beware of what I say.
    In your situation I would arrange things so the rudder would still be in the water at a quite dramatic angle of heel. If this can be arranged, the rudder can simply have about the same depth as the depth of the raised keel.
    The rudder in the turning barrel is very clever and I think worthwhile on a smallish boat sailed from a beach, but I would not be enthusiastic about the complication and expense on a large boat.
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