rudder design / shape for high speed Kite-sailer

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by 4wings, Jan 23, 2012.

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    Check out the Sailrocket thread here and here is the Hydroptere thread:
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    @spidennis - it will take a while before we can launch - I expect if all works out well - somewhere late summer - if someone gets sick - never
    @Doug Lord thanks for the thread link - it is always nice to see we are not the only nuts on the tree
    Just for general info - take a look at : or a more detailed info at : unfortunately there appears to be no update after 2007 - yup 2008 brought a lot in the drawer
    Hope you all enjoy and thanks for the provided effort
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    It looks like just an industrial designer with a fancy computer that's has a portfolio of interesting designs. I don't think this is ever meant to be built though, too bad. I would have liked to seen the system for controlling the lines and such. I love the idea of it and it very closely parallels the boat of that gal that sailed across the pacific.

    Can't wait to see your version! ..... and mine ........ so what type of hull are you thinking about using? We go lots of shallow water around here as you know but done right you could really skim across the skinny water if need be.

  4. 4wings
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    The basic dimensions are at the webpage : but at this point - nothing is chiseled in stone and the prototype will not have fix crossbeams - just lashed ones so it is easy to replace a part without redoing the whole vessel.

    She put quite some effort into her presentation and has some good ideas ...not sure if you would spend so much time - just to create a interesting portfolio ..
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