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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by gthemans, Aug 7, 2015.

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    Hello Everyone,
    i'll try to keep this simple - I'm looking for some advice about the most suitable boat design software for my situation:
    I'm 17, still at school studying A level Product Design where we have to solve a problem.
    Given that i have a strong passion for boats, rowing and engineering etc i've decided to build a human powered boat that manipulates the movement of rowing but doesn't require meters of space either side - allowing it to be used on small lakes and more narrow waterways like canals (the problem).
    Basically a floating rowing machine linked to a propeller.

    To add some more context to all my research I'm planning to design and build a hull to house my mechanism as part of my project.
    Hoping to pursue Naval Architecture as a career as well as being a competent builder I want to find software which i could use to design my hull and produce an exportable 3D version (for printing) , a design blueprint for manufacture and with options to digitally test the hulls hydrodynamic properties and receive information like volume and weight to be able to calculate buoyancy etc.

    My current plan is to shape the hull from foam-board using plywood bulkheads and laminating in glass fibre and epoxy.

    Thanks in advance, any views/ inputs/ comments would be very much appreciated,
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    Before deciding on a building method and materials you should design the craft and the system. Setting limits will only stop you from pursuing what could be the best solution. If you want to transmit human power to a propeller, the most efficient setup is a pedal crank attached to the propeller.
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    You didn't mention a budget for software. Rhino3D is general 3D design software which is widely used in a number of industries including boat design. Most naval architecture calculations can be done using Rhino functions and a spreadsheet. Orca3D is a plug-in for Rhino which simplifies calculations and some other aspects of design and analysis. Both off low prices for educational use. Knowledge of Rhino may be advantageous for future study or work in naval architecture.

    If you need free software than one of the varieties of DelftShip or FreeShip are probably your best choice. However it is not as versatile as Rhino, and not nearly as widely used professionally.
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