Route Plotting wrt wind and current

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    I was wondering if anyone had information for route plotting with respect to predicted wind and current conditions for the North Eastern Pacific. Basically I want to use weather forcasts and bouy data to plan an optimised route along the west coast of the US and to and from Hawaii to the west coast of the US. Even if I could get current and historical bouy data for wind and current conditions that would be a start. I want to either buy or develope a program that looks at the current conditions at the bouys and trys to plan a route that would be the most efficient. Or we might even be interested in paying for a service. Thanks for any information that would point me in the right dirrection.

    One idea I had was that air liners must have similar programs for their route plotting.
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    SeaSpark -

    Route planning


    Admiralty, Ocean Passages for the World

    Excellent reading when you want to plan a passage!


    Maxsea has good build in route planning.

    Paid services:

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