Rotating Wing Mast – theoretical discussion

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Man Overboard, Nov 15, 2006.

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    I say “preliminary sizing technique” and you say it is not good enough. That is what preliminary is, ballpark, estimates to guide you so you don’t go around in circles. In fact there are instances that I say it is impractical.

    You say it cannot be done and I show you that it has been done before and show you proof.

    When I cite other forum members approach, you turn to Eric and ask him for advice. When I show load classic transfer theory, you say that is not the correct theory.

    I may not have the FEA for in depth analysis but rest assured I use the first principle of engineering and validate it with expensive software. I can do classic lamination theory and macro mechanics all day long but that is beside the point. I do the math.

    Engineering takes many design approach, not one, and that makes the composite industry prosper.

    I am sorry this thread has turned to exclusivity and I will say no more. I am happy to learn and discuss issues with forum members but not this.
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    RX - if you have the tools use them. I'm trying to be instructive here not destructive. If you are willing to say something here you need to be willing to be corrected, I am. I did not say anything can't be done, its just incorrect thinking or uncorrect doing. Its a vast subject to cover in a few words and I don't believe I said anything in a personal way. Regards Peter S

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    Hey, chill out everyone, it's mostly only Man Overboard who has the right to turn his thread to exclusivity if he wants, he was the thread starter. I'm going to bring myself up to date now, on the past few pages of no doubt eloquent and elucidating discussion. I have and am reaping benefits of your enunciations.

    Let me just interject some random 2d fluid dynamic wing modelling. I have done a bit of comparing different setups with, if not correct, then at least consistent parameters in Javafoil.

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