Rotary Frequency Converter / 2000kVA / 6.6kV

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by ideaEngineering, Jul 6, 2008.

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    ideaEngineering New Member

    Anyone here knew any of the assemble or manufacturer do supply of the above mentioned rotary frequency converter?

    I have a business network partner that received enquiry,please find brief detail below. Anyone knew any company dealing and supply with the above equipment, please do drop us a email. The tender is open now.
    Brief detail:
    - 2000kVA x 2
    - input: 50hz/6.6kV
    - output: 60hz/6.6kV
    - Auto parallel and manual control parallel
    - switch gear
    - Reactor starter
    - scope of supply inclusive; RFC, control switch gear and cabling design etc in whole.
    As these was for Marine dock, hope it is ok to post here.
  2. CDK
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    CDK retired engineer

    Your partner was sent on an impossible errand. The setup would require a 2 MW electric motor and a generator. Very few companies on this world are capable to design and construct such large monsters.
    Siemens could, Bombardier or GE or Hitachi, but it would have to be custom built and the client should be very 'solvent' before they even start looking at the inquiry.
    This is the kind of power you only find in the railway business.
  3. Nordic Cat
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    Nordic Cat Senior Member

    ABB could also make it.

    It would be easier to go for a diesel based setup IMO, fire it up when you need 60 HZ.

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