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    its a long Cycle , by 2020 , you build everything , by yourself or

    with help from peers . Im 69 , too old to complete a 120'

    steel outrigger sailboat , but ive been struggling for years

    to build the tooling . i have gathered pcs to build 400 amp

    MIG welders , and plasma cutters and bought 1000#'s of

    anchor chain , and grinders , and drills , and ball bearings

    for DIY vertical lathes , and nylon and polyester for sails ...

    Im still able to work 4 hours / day in the desert sun ,

    but i need help , bow starts on 6000# axles times 3 ,

    pulled to Mexico if they complain , outback ...

    There are NO port feces nor rents to park a boat , in the

    rest of this world , only the US .

    Masts are free-standing , T's , rotate at base , 3 halyards

    raise "seat belt" re enforced luff and leach , sails , 36' high

    by 20' at top , 28' at foot .

    1500 hp from Honda B18b 4 cylinders , 250 hp at cruise ,

    no higher economy is possible , than low compression gas motors .

    With these thoughts , im exhausted , cause i have sacrificed

    for years to accumulate this hardware ,

    If ya want to sail on a comfortable , fast planing hull , email me .
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    Doug Lord Flight Ready

    I'd sure like to see some pictures. Good Luck with whatever is next......
  3. El_Guero

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    Tucson sun? You aren't moving to Vegas are ya?

    I wish I had known earlier, I woulda stopped by when I was in town.

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