Rolls-Royce: Asia Future Leaders Program (mid/senior level)

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    High-profile, senior strategic role in rapid growth sector
    India based with national and regional exposure
    Acquire line management experience in EU/US
    Fast-track your career with a top global brand and become an influential business leader of the future

    Rolls-Royce Marine is engaged in the development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of marine propulsion systems and aftermarket services for naval and commercial marine markets. With equipment in over 20 000 vessels they are number 1 worldwide.
    Rolls-Royce is aggressively developing its capabilities in Asia through an innovative growth strategy.

    Rolls-Royce is committed to attracting the best Asian leaders and has initiated a rapid promotion scheme - the ‘Asia Future Leaders Programme’ (AFLP) - to train mid-career executives for senior global positions.

    As a member of the AFLP, you will have an exceedingly high career profile within Rolls-Royce with direct visibility to the Chief Executive’s “Development Cell” overtime, succession planning at the highest levels.

    After an initial 6 – 12 months in India you will then undergo 2 – 4 years in one of Rolls-Royce’s major European / American offices, being groomed for your return to India in a key strategic role in the developing Rolls-Royce Marine business.

    It is likely that you are already a successful mid career executive, with strong industry relationships and 5-15 years professional experience in international marine organisations. You must have a strong desire to succeed and a passion for Quality, Reliability, Integrity and Innovation.

    The Salzer Group is an International HR Consultancy Firm and is Rolls-Royce’s Delivery Partner for AFLP

    The Asia Future Leaders Program will start soon, to be considered send in your resume to so we can have a closer look at your background.

    All information will be handled confidentially.
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