Roller reefing/furling boom

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Steve W, Sep 20, 2008.

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    Hi,i would like to build a furling boom for my Lindenberg 26.Im not interested in in boom furling,what i want is something similar to what the Farrier trimarans use which as i recall is a lot like the old time roller reefing.i did a season of racing on an F27 in the early 90s and loved the convieniance of their system but i dont remember all the details.What i do remember is that it had a round boom with end of boom sheeting and a topping lift just like the old time systems but at the mast end there was a shaft thru the mast with a crank handle on the front.This is where things get hazy.There has to be some sort of universal joint between the mast and boom. I guess what i would like is if someone who has an F boat could take some pictures and a few mesurements.Info like how they deal with the outhaul and vang.Do they just roll the sail down to a batten when reefing or do they have reef grommets and lash things to get a tight foot.Any info would be helpful.
    Thank you,Steve.
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