Roller Furling Square Sail

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Beattowindward, Sep 23, 2021.

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    Obviously, square sails are completely obsolete for modern sailboats. the biggest problem with them is that men have to be sent aloft to reef and stow them. Now that's not the only problem with them but I think it is the biggest well I think I have a solution for this. the idea is to have the foot of the sail attached to, to rollers on the bottom yardarm. The furling lines for both of these would be connected by blocks to the top yardarm. So that as the top yardarm is lowered the sail is furled around the rollers. there might need to be a down hall for the top yardarm. here's a drawing of the idea what do you guys think.

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    You could build a junk rig with a rectangular sail and just ease the halyard to reef it; no machinery required. Or, do your traditional-looking square sail (though I don't know why you'd want to) and set up a system of lazy-jacks for it to reef down into. Or some hybrid of both kinds (the worst of both worlds, perhaps).

    Maybe get some more ideas here:
    The Junk Rig Association - HOME
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    Fun fact - roller furling was developed and patented by the Royal Society as one of their first commissions from King Henry VIII. It was used on windmills. They didn't even have to stop the mill - they through-drilled the axle and had a crank handle sticking out the back of it. Boats came later.

    Royal Clipper is another full rigged ship with roller furling.
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