Robber 3e rudder and skeg

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    Hi to everyone form sunny Cowes.
    My problem is I have a Robber 3e that we have owned and raced for 15 years and am emotionally attached to her. She is part of the family. We now compete in the quarter ton class and the boat is just to slow against a Faroux and a Farr and the lead boats. Over this winter she is to have her IRC optimised and every spare bit of cash spent on her. Can anyone help me with what we should do and is it possible to remove the skeg and replace it with just a fin rudder.
    If anyone can help me with this I would be eternally greatfull and love to share the progress of this tired old lady who is once again going to be a race winning machine. Love does not get you very far but a whole winter in freezing UK on boat maintenace will get there.
    She made 9th in QT class for Cowes week this year, 10th last year and has been a regular class 6 boat for many years. She had to retire from Nab Tower race last weekend as just to slow for the tide gate. She is desperate for a 5th place and to get amongst the lead boats. Anyone looking, we are nothing if not perstistant.
    Thanks for looking

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