Risks of working in the UAE

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    For all those contemplating accepting employment in the UAE BE AWARE of the risks. I'm referring only to financial risk .

    This week I spoke with a some yacht finishers that completed their contracts with a locally owned/managed company, want to move on but got ripped off on their final payout.
    Others employed by a high profile yacht importer are working many extra unpaid hrs under an abusive manager.

    I also must now admit to knowing an expat owner of a company I discovered is no better. Two of his staff left this year after 6 years good service are still 5 months later waiting for their completion payment.

    I'm sure not all companies in Dubai are the same but there is no way of knowing until you begin your employment.

    Another situation...a young yacht finisher went overseas for 3 week vacation, smoked stuff while away then had a car accident/injuries first day back. Blood tests showed drugs and alcohol in his blood so now he's in lockup waiting on prosecutor's pleasure for a hearing....
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  2. Frosty

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    Your mate who smoke stuff in Dubai and then had an accident must be a right dick head and should read up on countries before he goes there.

    Yup he will be in there a long time, Sounds like you think that unfair.

    Stay in uk if you are a dick head is what you are saying?
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    Might I suggest Holland for the *********? :D :D Still plenty of "Coffee shops" in Amsterdam.

    It is never funny to ready about working people that are ripped off, but UAE are not the exception, they are rather the rule. Foreign workers get ripped off everywhere.
  4. Frosty

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    I was manager of a few small companies in Dubai like Renault and Sealand shipping. EVERY one is dissapointed with their wages and some deductions are made for accomodation, electricity, absanteeism air tickets, extra baggage, loans etc that they dont understand or like then shout rip off.

    It only happens to the dumb.
  5. swabbie

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    Frosty needs defrosting

    or maybe its the midday sun.

    I wont get into the rights and wrongs of what people choose to consume, I dont presume the right but I never meet the guy and second I wrote it up as a warning to those interested in working overseas they need to consider where they go because not all have your incredible insight and judgmental 'walk on water' BS!
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    Most people here have been oversees, even further than Torremolinos.

    Its not insight, its called experience.

    Some companies like British aircraft corporation spend a week briefing you before sending the inexperienced to Muslim countries.

    If you ever manage a company one day and you have million dollar contracts to finish and then you accidentally employ idiots that think they are on holiday, don't read contracts and think the police are like the British.

    I know Dubai,-- your friend will be there a long time, he will likely be much different when he comes out.

    I suppose he will expect to be paid for it?
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    I thought this was unfortunate, but really...is it any worse than allegedly civilized countries like the U.S., Britain, Australia witch hunts for sexual offenders...Yes, in the U.S. you are now given a FELONY, and LIFETIME SEXUAL OFFENDER REGISTRATION for looking at pictures on the internet, or urinating in public. Oh what a wonderful, civilized place the west is!
  8. Eddy Johansen
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    Why would you want to urinate in public? And the picture stuff, does that include pictures of boats? :confused:

    :D :D
  9. RHP
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    This world is blessed with numerous colourful, different cultures and it is the responsibility of the individual involved to adapt to his new surroundings.

    If you urinate in public, take drugs, bonk on the beach or break anyother local law, you can expect to be treated in an appropriate manner.

    This is a worthless thread and merely highlights that people should consider the implications of their actions and tie down their employment contracts prior to getting on a plane.

    Here endeth the lesson.
  10. rickthorn
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    Any person, especially everyone in the U.S. should expect JUST AND REASONABLE laws. Unfortunately now those responsible for making laws are neither just nor reasonable. No one should WANT to urinate in public (some people have weak bladders WTH) or expect a LIFETIME SENTENCE OF SEX OFFENDER REGISTRATION OR A FELONY for anything as simple as looking at ANY pictures on the internet or elsewhere in a country that SHOULD love freedom. It is rather strange that people whose past history has been of loving and defending freedom (and their Constitution) are taking such pleasure(s) at denying it to others and doing away with their own! Laws are being passed only for "political expediency" or "feel good laws" to appease the public (and provide "face time" in the media for politicians, judiciary, certain extremist groups and police) rather than follow constitutional freedom or just plain reasoning and common sense.
    International maritime laws are a glaring example of "government gone wild" where laws are made and initiated, just for the sake of making laws. Laws which place everyday private boaters consistently in a "Catch 22" situation serving only as an implement of denial rather than any true or valid issue of safety.
    I am a veteran and I understand why everyone loves the flag, but do not understand why no one understands or respects the Constitution or it's freedoms...THAT (the Constitution) is what people and the country should be proud of and represent. Those freedoms (represented by the Constitution) are what service people have truly shed their blood for.
    I only wanted to point out the EXCESS of law beyond reasoning. People...HUMAN BEINGS AND FAMILIES are nowadays being destroyed for things that should receive no more severity than a traffic ticket at most. It is most unfortunate that everyone only turns their head in indifference to these unjust laws.
  11. Eddy Johansen
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    Oh... ok.

    So we can assume that in the Philippines you can freely watch pictures of boats in your computer and piss against the nearest corner?

    Can you also smoke funny stuff?

  12. fleetwing
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    fleetwing sea salt

    lets clear up the misconception

    As A boat builder and some one who has worked world wide for 25 years now... and a resident of Kuwait for 8 years now..
    First you mate Knew that when he smoked it would stay in his system for 30 days.... in the Middle East for Expats..as in the USA possession is 9 tenths of the law, so with the cannabis in his blood system that constitutes possession, Just like the Mandatory drug testing in the states , you lose your job etc...in the middle east you go to jail. Should have been smart and bought a test clean and or a masking agent, if on vacation to be in the clear...

    the Making out in public, or sex on the beac, in the middle east is a no.. no ..Kissing in Public is to , I resort to Kissing my wife on the hand in public since it is not seen as offensive.

    The do's about working in the Middle East, is to be sure to get everything in writing, up front, since the laws are there to benefit the company not the expat, and in places like Dubai and Qatar, the company has to give you permission to leave the country.
    when negotiating the contract, ask exactly for what you will be billed for, housing, travel, medical, ETC...
    For instance in Kuwait if a Company issues you a work visa, they also have to provide medical insurance, at a cost of 50 KD 150.00 usd per year...and this is noted on you civil identification card. so if you have a sick day you go to the local clinic and pay 6 usd get seen by the doctor and get a work excuse, return that to the employer, since , according to the law here expats are given 10 day per year of paid sick leave...plus your two weeks a year off for holiday.. If they provide you housing, you must also get your name on the rental agreement if not the Company reserves the right to go into your quarters when ever and whom ever. , with living as well if it is included in the salary or deducted from the salary, get the amount per month in writing and signed by the company official, if you have room mates the will charge him as well, ( here in Kuwait there was a company that was paying 1000.00 usd per month for housing, plus utilities, furnished and telephone washer and dryer etc... now these are three bedroom Apartments...well now you have three guys living in one apartment and all of them are being deducted from their salary monthly for the cost of the apartment 1000.00 usd so 3,000.00 is being paid to the company from the employees for a 1,000.00 dollar apartment. My advice is to seek out YOUR own accommodations, get a cot or find a furnished apartment, and get the per-diem for it and get it in writing from them...
    another scam is to get you special health and life insurance that is payed out from your salary monthly,,, well if there is government provided socialized medicine,,Why do you need to buy health insurance that will only pay you back Only After you have paid up to a Year of benefits before they reimburse you , and will not accept claims less than 1000.00 usd. the insurance agent within the company is getting a commission.
    get in clear and in writing what your work hours are in writing, because they will play with that and not pay you for overtime, in Kuwait the work week is 48 hours any time over that you are to be paid double....
    Proper planning prevents piss poor performance
    do your own research and get to know the situation .. before you sign anything,

    If you work for a company that is in the USA or the Uk and they are doing a project and or contract work they are required to split the ownership with a local sponsor in the country, so make sure you do not sign anything in Arabic unless it is provided in your language it is the law here as well, like a us company here was paying well, I mean very well, and the hours were long, but according to the file in the labor ministry, the salary was 1500.00 usd per month and the legal agreement in the ministry as to whom the worker is , is under rated so the company does not have to pay the labor deposit for the government, it is like this for a company to employ a expat worker in Kuwait , they have to show a certificate of deposit in a Bank that is certified for the employees year wages, so if you agreement with a company is lets say 125,000.00 usd, on the books in the ministry it may say only 40,000.00 usd so if a payment issue occurs , and you seek a legal option you will in short be "******" since you signed the paper,
    which brings me to drivers licenses, get an international drivers license before you come , the Company if they require you to drive for any reason for work has to get you a license, but some company's will charge you to get it, that is not the case that is on them ....
    bottom line everyone is trying to save a buck when then can, and when dealing with The Arab population they worry much about money and it is likke pulling eye teeth to get it from them,, if they give it to you , well we get into another area of the society, they will then Act as if you are an indentured servant and will treat you like you OWE them you live just for living and working...
    I tyell you this because I am Married to A original Kuwaiti ARAB.. and I know ...
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