RIP Mr. Paul [PAR] Riccelli

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by SecondChance248, May 31, 2018.

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    A few years back I wandered into this forum to ask some questions about a restoration I was working on, (and am still). PAR chimed right in with many tips and recommendations, and always tolerated my less than knowledgeable questions, as did Mr Sponberg. It was sweet sorrow to see Mr Sponberg retire and literally sail away, but it's truly saddening to find that PAR, had passed away. I will certainly miss his knowledge and help.
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    Fair winds to a good friend Paul. Due to a battle with "man cancer" i have not been on the forum for over a year but every since our meeting on one of my down south trips Paul and I, in addition to his design work on "Nancy G," always kept in touch by phone every 3 months or so on a rotating basis. Next call would have been sometime in Aug. I always so greatly enjoyed our chats. Our last being one of supporting each other in overcoming the genetic battles we were both fighting. Well my friend, looks like you have a head start on "Miss Solar Wind . Fret not as one by one we your friends will drop by to help with the build.
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    Just saw Gail has put up a message, which is also on the top of the front page of Paul's website/blog.

    Gail asks for advice how to shut down Paul's website/blog. If that means she wants to remove it all from the web, then that would be a great loss of all the very good boat building info there, especially for the novice.

    Some are contemplating* to buy Paul's plans right now, this might go on for a very long time, e.g. like as with the Atkins, where Pat is selling the plans of the late Billy and John for decades now.

    Maybe some of those who were in direct contact with Paul, like e.g. / Troy / Viking North / Jim (the OP) / etc. / want to talk this over with Gail ?

    If she nevertheless wants to take it down, then of course best someone should advice her how to do this, I'm afraid . . :(
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