Rigid Inflatable Plans or Kit?

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by RobT, May 16, 2005.

  1. RobT
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    RobT New Member

    Does anybody here have plans for, or know where to get them, to make an aluminum hulled rigid inflatable? Do you know of anybody that sells them as a kit? I have searched here and found a lot of info about them. I have also gone to many sites and looked at them, but I have not found anything as far as plans. I find this strange as the price of buying one new is extremely high for what they are. I do realize the tubes themselves are expensive, but that is still a small part of the overall cost.

    The best reason for me to want to build one is simply that I want to make it the way I want it, and for the experience.

    I almost forgot, I am looking for one about 24'

    Later, Rob.
  2. CDBarry
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    CDBarry Senior Member

    You can get tubes from Wing in Northern CA, even custom ones.

    If you want it the way you like, just get someone to design it for you and get a CNC kit cut. There are a bunch of wannabee designers that would probably just do it to fill out their portfolios.
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  3. Specmar.Aus
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    Specmar.Aus DREDGIE

    Rigid Inflatable Plans or Kit? RobT

    Hello CDBarry and RobT

    Although Specmar.Inc doesn’t actively promote Alloy Ridged Inflatables on their Web Site www.specmar.com

    You could contact Stephen Pollard, NOT A WANT TO BE DESIGNER and he will send you some information for DXF Files in this size range.

    Cheers Specmar.Aus
  4. Kacem78
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    Kacem78 New Member

    Hi RobT

    just wondering is you got what you were looking for, i'm my self looking to built my own Aluminium RHIB, but as you said, i was not able to get Plans or any construction guide

    would be nice if you can share with me what you got right now

    thanks a lot
  5. Kobus Potgieter
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    Kobus Potgieter Naval Architect

    RIB Plan

    Hi ROB
    You can contact me for various RIB plans. I had a RIB manufacturing plant building all sort of Inflatables Boats for 10 years. I have moved out of manufacturing and solely focus on designing RIB's. If you need help.

  6. Bob Mott
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    Bob Mott Junior Member

    Hello Rob,

    We are building 3 large 15.4 metre alloy cats in Malaysia on the island of Langkawi . I have looked into a alloy RIB as well. We have plans for one that we are considering building. Not sure where you are located. Bending the tubes is no big deal as we have all the machinery to do so. Not sure if we could manage a kit for you but I could look into it. What size lenght and beam were you after. They are not light.


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