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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Victor Lemmi, Dec 7, 2006.

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    Dear Friends

    Anyone could give a clue how to find the thrust to push my airboat hull to 20 kts?
    I thing that Stavisky could not help me because this software is focused for a boat with a propeller in the water.That why you have to set the prop parameters as one of the inputs.
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    You need to figure out the drag of the hull. The thrust is the same whether the propeller is in the air or the water. The only difference is that the propeller and shaft drag in the water is not there. At only 20 kts the air drag shouldn't be too much.
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    A good boat prop will convert 1 hp into 20 to 25 pounds of thrust.

    A good air prop will convert 1 hp into 5 pounds of thrust.

    Airboats are common here in South Florida , mosty have car V8 , or old overtime aircraft engine.

    There are loads of air boat sites to decide on the correct prop , based on what is now working.

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