Rigging Configuration Changes?

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Floatything, Apr 21, 2019.

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    Do people ever change how their sailboats are rigged? Such as, from a Bermuda rig to a ketch, or something else?

    I realize it would be pretty involved. I'm asking because I see many 'fixer-uppers' on the market and I'd like to be creative if I get something.

    Is this unheard of?
  2. Blueknarr
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    It is done quite often.
    Usually for dubious or misconceived reasons.

    I know of a J24 converted to a cutter/yawl to "reduce the sail sizes so that tacking and jybing would be easier".

    Most production boat's original sail plan is the best. Their is little to gain from changing it.
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    Many boats were designed with multiple sail/rig plans. Some had the original rig changed and will have drawings done by the original N.A. or another hired architect, but regardless of whom it should be professionally designed. Look out for half-asses P.O. modifications to Rigs, can be dangerous. Im the simplest terms, many rig changes make sense for the boat's intended purpose or change in intended purpose, but what you have to be careful of is (just IMHO) is structural support when chainplates are added or moved. If the boat wasn't designed for say a Ketch Rig, the hull may not have the support it needs for the chainplates that will be added for the mizzen mast.

    and Dear Lord man, who in their right mind would change a J-24 to a Cutter/yawl?! That's a one-design race boat.... that is a good example of not making sense at all.

  4. Blueknarr
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    Especially since it ended up worse than before. Trying to fix a nonexistent problem.
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