Richard Woods design plan difficulty?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by SnappyB, Sep 29, 2019.

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    SnappyB New Member

    After quite a few months of reading/research I've decided that I want to build a smallish cruising catamaran. It seems like it would be the best way for me to acquire the kind of boat that I would like to have. I originally liked the idea of the Wharram designed tiki 30, but I think that the Richard Woods Gypsy 8.5m has better accommodations in a slightly smaller package. Plus (almost) standing headroom!!
    My question to anyone with experience in Woods Boats would be, how difficult are the plans to understand for someone with little knowledge in woodworking/boat building? I understand some of the basics of woodworking from high school shop and have read and watched a few videos on plywood stitch and glue, but those can only be so useful. The Wharram plans seem to be extremely easy to understand for first time builders, some places even described them as "as good as a boat building coarse". My father is a life long carpenter and would be able to help me through the odd snag or difficulty but I don't want to rely on him to heavily.

    Thanks for any input :)
  2. fallguy
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    fallguy Senior Member

    Richard tends to be pretty high level, but very thorough.

    But he usually sends you build pics.

    And I recommend you consider joining or a builder's forum. Bateau is a s&g site mainly.

    I post often on my build blog and answer other builder's questions on my foam Wood's build. And I would be happy to be a resource. Many things in a foam build are similar to s&g.

    Richard is also pretty decent with responding to emails; although that can get to be too much.

    His boats are special. I encourage you to go for it.

    He also has a builder forum with a handful of guys that can respond.
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  3. bajansailor
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    bajansailor Marine Surveyor

    I am sure that the plan's for Richard's Gypsy should be easily understandable.
    I wanted to do the same as you, about 15 years ago - I bought a set of study plans for Gypsy but then other things happened / got in the way, and this project never got off the ground.
    In many areas on Richard's website he posts random selections of construction plans for his boats - they appear to be very clear and concise to me, but you should have a good look through all the free study plans on offer on the site so that you can form your own opinion.
    Here is a link to the 'new' forum mentioned by Fallguy -
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  4. Richard Woods
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    Richard Woods Woods Designs

    Thank you for your interest in my Gypsy design. A large number have been built over the years. It is a simple boat to build, nearly all flat panel. Either using foam sandwich or ply hulls. You can also build round bilge hulls but that's only recommended if you like boat building.

    I built the first Gypsy for my own use so know the boat well. That was nearly 25 years ago, under a new owner it sailed to Morocco last year. Several others have made ocean crossings. So the design is well proven and will last a lifetime.

    The Gypsy plans comprise 7 large (ie A1 or A2) sheets plus 60 A3 (legal) sheets of more detail drawings and photos.

    One the left menu of my website is a link to some free plan sheets which will give you an idea. A studyplan costs GBP13 and you can also buy partial plans at a greatly reduced rate. These include all the building plans except the lines plans and offsets. So you cannot build the hulls but can see how to build the boat. And in the case of Gypsy you can actually build the central cuddy, beams and cockpit before buying the upgrade to full plans

    I hope that helps. Incidentally Dan Fall is building the prototype of a modified design, so his plans are not as developed as the Gypsy plans

    We will be in the Neuse River/Oriental area in early December if you want to meet up

    Richard Woods of Woods Designs
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  5. fallguy
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    I do apologize. I had planned to edit my post and remind the fellow I am building the first demountable Skoota. It is not a simple boat to build, but Richard accomodated my needs since I want to get the boat to the west coast at 17' beam. This is not the same as a boat built many times like Gypsy.

    Richard has been incredibly gratious and kind and patient with me and my build is going well.

    I reiterate. If you are able to build a Gypsy; it will be a great thing.

    Building a boat is an incredible experience.

    Building a Wood's design even better, because Richard loves sailing enough to really design great sailboats and those are proven designs.

    The ply Gypsy would be much easier to build and cheaper by far than foam.
  6. SnappyB
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    SnappyB New Member

    Thank you all for your responses, I'll definitely check out the other builders forums. A few days before posting I purchased the study plans, however my computer was to small to see them well. I opened them on a friends larger screened desktop last night and they seemed very clear. I've decided it's definitely the boat I would like to build. Hopefully within the next few weeks I'll be able to purchase the plans and start sourcing materials.

  7. fallguy
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    fallguy Senior Member

    I recommend you call Boat Builder Central in Florida.

    Jeff Morrow's and co. customer service is top notch.

    The only reason I bought from other vendors was for balance.

    My other primary vendor was Noah's Marine in Toronto.
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