Rib Tubes Repair

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    griznapier New Member

    Hey Folks,

    I have just joined the Forums and i would like to guage your opinions on DIY repair ( full ) of a Ribs tubbing.

    I have just taken over running of a rib for a small diving club, and its been kept in a car park for years since no-one has any money to repair the thing.

    My Question : What are the difficulties in buying materials and adhesives to repair rib Tubes?? Is it a simple case of buying patches, preparing the area, securing it well and letting it dry?

    I understand there are different types of materials. I intend to check the rib out soon to find out what model it is and what materials might be needed.
    Any help with this would be fantastic.

    I am looking for an informed person to tell me if its worth the effort to DIY and what woud be involved.

  2. Sealion
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    Sealion Glue Sniffer

    Rib repair

    Hi, Succesful Rib repairs can be done by a concientious DIYer, like small holes and re-sticks. The materials can easily be purchased in Great Britain. (I can supply hypalon fabric) Some larger repairs are best left to the professionals. Post some pictures or describe more fully the the work to be done on this Rib, and I will be able to offer you advise on materials and proceedures. I'm not far from Scotland, where are you (or your boat) based? Get in touch, I'm sure I can help you.
  3. PaulMark
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    PaulMark Inflatable Boat Paint

    Hypalon Tubes can be Restored with Special Paint

    If your hypalon tubes are structurally sound (large holes and tears are repaired) but the material has UV damage, pinholes or extreme wear, it is possible to restore the hypalon tubes using a 2 step synthetic rubber coating paint.

    Example of worn tubes

    Example of restored tubes

    More info and ordering is at www.tuff-coat.com
  4. safewalrus
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    safewalrus Ancient Marriner

    If all else fails you could try filling your tubes with expanding foam! OK you lose the ability to collapse the boat but a permanently Rigid boat is better than no boat! It's only short term but it may get you through a season whilst you get the pennies together for a new boat!
  5. Rib Shop

    Rib Shop Guest

    Alternatively you can use inflatable boat sealant; it is poured into the tubes through the inflation valves and works in a similar way to tyre weld. There is also a excellent inflatable / Rib paint available that works on both Hypalon and PVC fabrics

    Have a look www.rib-shop.com
  6. hmattos
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    hmattos Senior Member

    And to add another option, it is often very could economic sense to have a tube / collar replaced with brand new Hypalon. This gives the boat a new look and so long as the GRP is sound, another 15 years of life.
  7. china
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    china Junior Member

    hello there, please...

    how would one go about filling the tubes with foam please.

    also why would it only last for a short amount of time.

    i am thinking of doing so to prolong the life of my rib but hearing this i may consider just repairing it.

    could you let me know the pro's and co's please.

    thanks, china.
  8. fiberglass jack
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    fiberglass jack Senior Member

    the foam will break down with time from impact etc, and you will be left with dust in the tube
  9. rasorinc
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    rasorinc Senior Member

    I have had solid stryrofoam billits under a pier for over 25 years unwraped and
    subject to wind waves, and all sorts of weather. Only damage is a few muskrat bites. If you bought round ones and put them in a fabric tube i think they would last a long time. Just my thoughts. Stan If you e-mail me I can give you a good source and they can give you a price. They absolutly do not absorb water, zero..
  10. james thomas

    james thomas Guest

    I have the same issue with my RIB and I tried the inflatable boat sealant which has not worked properly but i think this may be due to the main leak being on a seam! Any ideas???

  11. hmattos
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    hmattos Senior Member

    If you were not so far away I would offer to come and fix it. However, if the basic tube fabric is sound then there is no reason why a competant DIYer cannot repair a cut, even if it is near a seam. Just use a 50mm strip, semicicle etc, glue that on soundly next to the seam, then cover that layer with another layer at least 50mm bigger all round that the first one. We generally work to the 50mm or 2" rule whenever fixing a boat, but remember to get the layers level first.
    Good luck
    H Mattos www.explorermarine.co.uk
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