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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Feto, May 6, 2010.

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    Feto budding designer

    this is my first post so first of all; hello.

    right, i am working on a RIB superyacht tender design project for a company i cannot name. the RIB would be between 8-10m in length and preferably use D-tubes (to save interior space). this is my first time working on a RIB project and i was wondering if you (the wonderful members of this board) has any advice/ suggestions or insight about the use and handeling of ribs/ interior eronomics/ boarding the RIB... just any pointers would be helpful.

    thanks in advance.:D
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    Welcome here.........

    when you look up the thread (where you already posted) deeper, you´ll find several helpful hints and comments:


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