RIB boat design. HELP..

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Hunterr, Apr 10, 2016.

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    hello. I am now designing my 9meter aluminum rib boat.

    principal dimensions
    hull length : 8m
    Beam: 2.9m
    engine :yanmar 440HP (6LY440) (single engine)
    JET : Hamilton HJ274

    when designing parts of engine and jet , I have a problem.
    So, I hope someone to advise me...

    1. I downloaded 6LY440 modeling STP file from YANMAR website.
    but there were two versions(=Bobtail and kmh61a)
    whats the meaning of bobtail and kmh61a and what is fit to my boat?
    U can see the layouts of engine at below link.

    2. how long is the drive shaft?(meter) and where can I download modeling file of drive shaft?

    3. I know where shaft position is in Jet.
    but I dont know where shaft position is in engine.

    4. where can i download Hj274 modeling stp file?
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    If you look at the installation dwgs, you can see the 'bobtail' is just the engine, no gearbox.

    That is for you to decide and to design/draw as per your layout.

    The output shaft is determined by the gearbox you have selected for your engine. The KMH61A it is very clearly shown on the drawing.

    Ask Hamilton.
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