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    DMellon New Member

    Hey everyone. This is my first post so I thought id start by saying my name is Douglas and im from Maine.

    The reason I am posting is iv started working with Rhino a little and have read through the "help" tutorials which have been bundled with the application. I was wondering if anyone knew of any tutorials to help me get used to the application that are based more on marine design. Any insight would be highly appreciated. Thanks guys and I look forward to meeting you all as I spend more time here.

    - Doug
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    Welcome Doug.

    What sort of boats do you want to design ?

    A good tutorial which will give you a bit of an intro to Rhino and produce a pretty picture is ;


    However you might want to consider some form of auto-hull generator to get the initial hullform. Probably most of the boat designers here use free-ship in conjunction with Rhino.

  3. DMellon
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    DMellon New Member

    Hey thanks for the reply. This is really my first time looking into CAD programs such as this so im kinda shooting in the dark right now hoping I can get off on the right foot through these forums. Ill look into what you said.. thanks again for the help I really appreciate it.

    As for which boats, Im really interested in luxury fishing boats as I worked on a lobster / tuna boat throughout high school. When I was growing up a family friend owned a marina and boat sales so i was always climbing in and out of the boats and it was just always a dream of mine to design one. Thanks again for the help ill check over that link.

    Take Care,
  4. Joe Petrich
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    The tutorial mentioned is good and there is a Marine Design CD available from Rhino as well. Orca3D is a plug-in you may want to investigate also. It provides hydrostatics and has a "hull generator" if you need it. I like to design "from scratch" so I don't use the hull generator much but it can be useful at times.


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    zeroname Naval Architect


    search in my favorite website. www.google.com :)
    u will be able to find
    VTC rhino video training ( basic training ,, and good quality)
    and also www.rhino3d.com for LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 training manual for rhino

    just after u get the basic knowledge then move on use Rhinomarine and Orca3d plugin and also good marine related manual is available online.

    just u need to google it. ;)
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