Rhino v. Surfaceworks/Solidworks

Discussion in 'Software' started by J.Rhodes, Feb 19, 2006.

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    How does one flatten a developable panel/plate in solidworks?

    Hi Rick,

    How does one go about flattening a surface/panel/plate in solidworks?

    I have spoken to the guys who sold me the package, and apparently it cannot.

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    surface unrolling

    Import surface in Rhino and Unroll Developable Surface, it must haven't double curvature your surface , only simple.
    There is also a software TouchCad but I couldn't learn it but it has many features in unrolling surfaces.
    Try a demo.
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    (Fairly resurrected thread)
    Solidworks doesn’t unroll regular surfaces, it does however have options to develop sheet-metal parts so long as they comprise of single axis bending. It isn’t that hard to produce a curved sheet-metal part from surface.
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    If you like to work with Rhino but you would like to have parametric capability, you shuold try to use the RhinoParametrics plugin which is free for students and teachers.

    have a look on youtube to find a lot of naval examples.
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