Rhino tutorial for superstructure of ship

Discussion in 'Software' started by pavel915, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. pavel915
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    pavel915 Senior Member

    Can anyone provide me a link which is of rhino tutorial for ship superstructure?
    I have many general tutorials for general modeling; but if there is any special tutorial for ships superstructure,( after making the hull in maxsurf) it would be very useful for me.
  2. CGN
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    CGN Senior Member

    Hi pavel, you need to practice, only if someone have or writes one for superstructure modeling i don't think there is anything out there, the basics of modeliing are the same so you need to practice an figure it out on how to do it, check all the links and all the posible tutorials.

    If i find something i'll share it but for now "keep going at it"
  3. alpamis34
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    alpamis34 Senior Member

    I suffer with the same matter, how are we gonna build up the superstructure?
    Ok , for generating the hull, you have your sections,frames.But what is the best way to build up the super structure?To play with surfaces or just to start from the beginning with the lines?
  4. Tim B
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    Tim B Senior Member

    If you really want to draw good super-structures, you need to really understand what the surfaces are doing, and how the surfacing routines work (at least in principle). Once you understand what's going on, then you can concentrate on drawing the shape you want.

    Like many advanced tools, CAD is meant to enable you to draw what you want. It's not meant to draw it for you. Practice is the only way you'll get to know the software.

    Good results take time,

    Tim B.
  5. Grant Nelson
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    Grant Nelson Senior Member

  6. Grant Nelson
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    Grant Nelson Senior Member

    Humm, I now see you asked the same thing in November, and got some good links offered back then...
  7. Steve Baer
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    Steve Baer Rhino Developer

    Hi Pavel,
    Is there some specific shape you are having difficulty creating? Typically, the hull form is as difficult if not not much more difficult to create than the superstructure so I'm a little confused about how to help.

    What type of boat are you designing a superstructure for? If it is a steel commercial work boat type vessel, you might want to draw curves for your plan view and use the Extrude commands to make surfaces. If you are working on a yacht style superstructure, you might want to use some of the same techniques you used to create the hullform.


  8. Felix-Arees
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    Felix-Arees Naval Architect

    I agree with you Mr Tim
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