Rhino Newbie Act Too...

Discussion in 'Software' started by jprev, Oct 5, 2003.

  1. ivansalasj
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    ivansalasj Junior Member

    Till now i have been using autoship with autohydro, so im quite new to this world of marine software, i was just wondering what is the Rhino 3.0 Service Release 3?
  2. cgorton
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    Rhino is a surface modeller. It is popular b/c it has a very intuitive interface (easy to learn). It is not relational like Multisurf or Solidworks, but it's cheap and easy- great for a small office. It also can come with Flamingo, which is a pretty good renderer. At least I can get good results without spending forever learning the more complex renderers. And, Rhino imports IGS files very well, so it's easy to export files and turn them into renders quickly. You should try the demo version.

  3. CGN
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    Just Patches, fixes and some tools that they are adding to rhino, Rhino had to be re-written or re-coded, (I hope I had that one right) because some licenses issues with alias, so Rhino 3 is from "scratch" so all that release 3 are nothing but fixes.

    but still the same program as v1.1 and V2 (tools and command wise) for hull shape
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