Rhino liner

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    Endo skeletons and exoskeletons

    I was wondering if a smooth exoskeleton could be attached to a simple framing system using heavier laminates for the exoskeleton and lighter laminates for the frames.It would be like the old canoes only inserting other stronger materials.
    I know the new stealth planes have laminated exteriors of carbon fiber materials or woven mats which absorb radar.This is very expensive material and not suitable for commercial usage.
    I was wondering whether or not simpler laminates combining wood,metal,paint and fabrics could be constructed using a combination of rivets and glues which would be cheaper than the present glass structures and provide insulation and sound proofing from the constant pounding and cold.Using waste products from industry and agriculture would be the best way to provide these varieties of materials. It might be possible to set up materials and use air pressure against a mold to fix the shapes,then rivet the entire hull into their final stages.Let us just say it's a stretch for materials engineers and boat builders facing shortages of wood and metals.However,those who have witnessed changes in medical engineering and plumbing know almost anything can be created with modern chemicals.
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