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Discussion in 'Software' started by Vibtor, Apr 15, 2005.

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    Vibtor Junior Member

    Im working with Rhino 3.0 and Flamingo.

    How can i "paint" a ships hull in different colours ?
    Ex: I want to have different color for the antifouling and the upper ship


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    Navaldesign Dr. Eng.

    Duplicate the surface "IN PLACE"
    Then trim the two surfaces with an horizontal line placed at the height of the antifouling line. Of course you must trim the upper part of one surface and the lower one of the second surface.Then color the two trimmed surfaces with different colors.

    Alternatively create different surfaces for the upper and lower parts of the hull.
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    Save a copy of the hull that you want to use for rendering and use the "split" tool to "cut" the stripes, i hope the video can help, if you don't own flamingo then this way can be used, the best way is to have a render software and use texturing, but the trick works really good anyway.

    the video shows only the use of the "split" tool and instead of a hull it shows an sphere.

    good luck

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