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Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by TMania, May 25, 2007.

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    I bought a 17", whoknowswhatitis type of boat, problem I have is that whoever possesed it previousely, had the wireing so messed up, I didn't know if I was comming or going, nothing seemed to work, so I yanked all the wiring, and am working on rewiring the lights, bildgepump, and eventually a horn, I have included 3 pictures, the control panel, front and backside with the fuses, and a wiringcard with a bunch of screws, and honestly, I have no idea what that is used for, would anyone be able to reply with the correct wiring procedure, so I won't receive a shock into next weekend once I try to wire the lights and pump ? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.



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    Wow. The weekend is coming soon. Sooner in Florida.

    Take a look at:

    But this doesn't have a complete wiring diagram.

    Since you are starting from scratch, draw your own diagram. Do ONE circuit at a time, and test it before continuing.

    Um, do you understand basic series circuits, where the fuses and switches go in a circuit, etc??

    Is the engine separate from all this, except for the battery??

    Is there a main battery switch or circuit breaker??

    Like I said in the beginning..

  3. Frosty

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    From the photographs it is obviously in a mess. Some of the stuff you have shown is incomplete such as warning lights all disconected.

    The back of the switches look horribly old and corroded.

    The top picture is simple a junction box. The one wire going to it should have one wire coming out of it on the same terminal. A joiner if you like.

    To be honest dump that lot and start again with a new panel.

    It will be easier cheaper and more likely to work.

    You wont get a shock off 12 v, you wont even feel it.
  4. redtech
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    scene worse and done less, take you time and do it right most of the supplies needed you can find at west marine or there likes terry gave you a good link use it. get lots of differant colors to save you head ache when it comes time for any reapairs
  5. Ike
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    If you don't understand basic DC wiring take a look at Still confused? go buy a book on it. There are lots of good ones, I have a list at Scroll about half way done the page to Books of Interest to Boatbuilders. Any listed there will get you started. I agree with what everyone has already said. Dump the lot and start from scratch. Draw a wiring diagram as you go along. Make sure you follow the color code so you know where things go. Label wires and terminals as well.

    Last but not least, keep asking us questions.
  6. Callinectes
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    Get a copy of The Powerboater's Guide to Electrical Systems by Ed Sherman. Keep it in your toolbox, refer to it frequently. I really love this book, Ed makes everything really easy to understand, and he uses ABYC standards so you can be pretty sure you're going to do it right and safe. Just my 2 cents.

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    Same here,

    Know how you feel, Need help, looking for the engine wireing design for the motor for a 72 Mercruser 250cid at 165 HP. If you can help let me know at rjdybus@yahoo,com .....................thanks
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