Restauration 21ft (6,5m) motorboat

Discussion in 'Projects & Proposals' started by etxee, Nov 6, 2008.

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    Hello everyone!!

    First of all, and as this is my first post here, I will try to introduce myself.
    Originally from Spain, I live in its North Coast. I have always been keen on the sea, 7 years ago I built my own little (4,7mtrs) powerboat, which I still use now. But a few weeks ago a new project felt in my hands I can do anything else but go for it.

    The patient this time will be a taylor 65, as far as I am concerned this is a good hull, and its condition is quite good ( a good friend of mine who works with fiberglass says so...) too.


    Well, it's the one in front, the other one is the donor. Yes, I know that I have been quite lucky to find two identical hulls with no intentions by their owners to rebuild :D :D , still I had to pay a few € for the donor....

    I have had a go at many different things DIY wise but never worked on such a project before, as my actual boat does not include complex installations...have a look... I know it looks quite bad, but for the use I gave it it was enough....


    And now the news...for which I expect as many critics (constructive) as possible, hints, comments, opinions, etc...

    My first intention is to build a support to hold the boat above ground level, I guess and elevation of 0,75mtrs from the bottom of the hull to ground level is enough. Therefore I've considered the outboard engine shaft.

    Afterwards, and talking generally I will start with the cabin, deck, circuits (electrical, fuel, water, etc). And my intention is to add a bracket to place the outboard engine, I have to say that this boat was originally an in-board engine. Now the stern hole has been sealed and that's the reason why I plan to install an outboard engine. Also because they are easir and cheaper to run and maintain.

    Right now I am thinking of creating an electrical equipment list, and therefrom design the circuitry, calculate cables and batteries and so on.

    This shall be it for now. I will keep updating the post with pics and questions (for which I expect answers...!!)
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    Hi there

    I think the US Woodenboat forum would be a better place to get answers to your questions
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    Are those two nearly identical wooden boats?

    Is your question: How to go about rebuilding one of them?
    I'm not sure I under stand what you want.
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