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Discussion in 'Materials' started by AshleyC, May 1, 2019.

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    I will be spraying two part epoxy primer and two part polyurethane paint soon, I'm aware of the toxicity of these products, especially when sprayed, so i was wondering weather anyone can help me with which protection system to buy. These are the 3 options I have been looking at, each with their negatives and positives:

    1. A supplied Air mask (from the same compressor as the spray gun), with Air Filter, Air humidifiers, and oil-water separator on a belt. Example:
    Doubts: if the compressor is too close, the tank will be contaminated with the airborne toxins, but if it is too far, I'm guessing pressure will suffer immensely, requiring a second compressor (is this correct?). I'm also guessing that a second compressor maybe necessary anyway to maintain constant use of both spray gun and mask.

    2. Separate air supplied mask. Using two separate compressors, one from a distance (outside) for the mask and one close by for the spray gun.
    Doubts: do I need a specific compressor for breathable, clean air or will a set of filters be enough to purify the air in a normal petrol compressor, if so can anyone recommend any good air filters?

    3. Self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). Although pricey, I see this as the safest way. I've found various SCBA systems that are affordable (can anyone recommend a good brand?)
    Doubts: filling these tanks require specific high pressure compressors, which ive read have to be well maintained to ensure safe breathing air. Of course the other option is filling the tank at a local scuba diving shop, but this would cut my work window down a lot and is generally unhandy. Can anyone recommend an inexpenxlsive tank filling compressor?

    I might at that the compressor I'm currently looking at is a 100L 350l/min (around 13CFM) 8Bar compressor.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Obviously an offshore mask and be careful if you buy a compressor from there as well. I would doubt that the mask/compressor is CE compliant and you are risking your lungs if you buy something that does not work. You should never hook up to a conventional reciprocating/rotary compressor for breathing air, even with the alleged effective oil filter which remove particulate air not vapor. Relying on a carbon filter is minimal as you cannot be sure of its effectiveness. I suspect that this would come in the mail and possibly be subject to high
    tariff and import taxes. Not sure in your country

    Yes, you need a specific compressor for breathable air, at least in North America, to satisfy the various Workers Protection groups that regulate this. I would go to a large autobody paint
    shop and talk to them or an industrial supply company for options

    Why someone would spray a di-isocyanate carcinogenic paint without a proper free air system is beyond me. If you have really adequate ventilation, and proper specific mask filters you might get away with it, or not. Companies like 3m have maybe 30 or more types of filters for specific high VOC paints. In our shop, we had a spray booth and a free air system when we sprayed the polys which at the time were high VOC rated.
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    The 13CFM compressor is insufficient for both spraying and breathing.

    Every pressurized breathing system requires filters between the compressor and the breather. I worked both in a scuba shop and paint booth. Everything used multiple filters.

    If the compressor is large enough it can be used for both. The preferred reatment of compressed air is different for breathing, spraying and general shop usage. I used three different styles of connectors on different styles of hoses.

    You don't want any compressor in close proximity to your spraying. Sucking overspray shortens the compressor's life. The compressor also poses a spark explosion hazard.
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    We use a lot of urethane above and below deck. I looked at all of the available solutions for breathing fresh air and found that a CPAP machine with extra hose length works well at a good price. With a full face mask, the painter can only breath fresh air supplied from a location away from the fumes.
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    Oh a CPAP machine seems like a relatively cheap solution.

    Do you really need a compressor or could you just use a fan with enough air pressure to get air from far away through a hose to your breathing mask? Would you still need to filter the air if it's just a fan?
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    There are turbine breathing units. They require significantly larger diameter hoses and can't push the air as far. Friction with the inside wall of hose.
    Breathing air is always filtered.
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    3M FX series full face with 6001 cartridges. Most comfortable and cheapest price to entry.

    For supplied air, I really like the VERSAFLO series of respirators, but they require an OSHA Grade D filtered air incoming. They have an optional vortex cooler than can provide a cooling effecting for the incoming air. Consumes about 25 cfm though. Cheapest breathing air filtration is from ALLEGRO with one of their pot type air filters.
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    If you are working with any type solvents keep a diary of your mood for three days after usage, for obvious reasons.

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    Check out Turbine Products also. They have air respirator systems.
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