Resources for marinizing a Yanmar industrial diesel

Discussion in 'DIY Marinizing' started by garlicfiend, May 24, 2018.

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    The old Perkins 4-108 in my 35' sailboat may finally be done. I'm making a few final attempts to resuscitate it, but in the meantime a possible new engine for a repower has found it's way into my garage.

    The engine is a pristine Thermo-King tk486, built by Yanmar. The Yanmar model number is 4tne86. Yanmar seems

    The guy I got it from was going to marinize it - he showed me a couple other diesels he marinized himself so he knew what he was talking about - but he sold the boat he was going to put it in.

    As far as marinizing this thing, I can get the flex plate to connect it to my velvet drive locally. And the heat exchanger off my perkins is aftermarket, and should transfer over fine. So I'm really mostly looking for a bell housing adapter and an exhaust manifold.

    I was hoping Yanmar used the same block for this as for one of their marine engines, and that an existing marine exhaust unit would bolt up directly. I will say that after several evenings scrounging the internet, I'm finding it quite difficult to find solid information on Yanmars.

    Yes, I've been to They don't have any Yanmar stuff in their catalog, and while they can probably do a custom piece for me, obviously I'd rather avoid that route if possible.

    So does anyone here know of any resources where I can find specifics about what Yanmar marine parts might fit this thing? And does anyone know where I might go to get a bell housing adapter?

    I appreciate anything y'all might have to add. Thank you!
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