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    Well I am currently working on my first wood boat, its called the sportster, its 12 foot long and has a beam of 56", just the basic frame here so far, pictures below as requested, thanks for the help i think its paid off,,,,,,,,,,,,,,CRAP MY PHOTO FILES TO BIG, GUESS THAT WONT WORK
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    If you're running XP the powertoy resizer makes it quick and painless to resize a group of images for the web: There are unofficial clones of this for vista/7. You can also right click on a number of images and send-to mail recipient and choose the size: medium or large for good web resolution images. Then just save those to a directory instead of emailing and upload from there.
    Picassa is also a pretty neat free app -- once you add a directory of photos to picassa, you can highlight those you want to resize, click "export" and it batch resizes a copy to web resolution.
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    you can also use Paint to resize. Open the photo and go to image stretch/skew...stick in 50 and 50 for the size and see if you like it. If not ...undo and try again with a different percentage. always use the same percentage for both though unless you want to distort the picture. Save it as something different if you want to keep the original for other purposes.
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