resin infusion netting

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    We are a factory named SANNO PLASTIC&WIRE MESH CO.,LIMITED-CHINA for making resin flow netting, you can visit our website following to get more infomations.
    We supply our infusion netting to a lot of companies with cheaper price and higher quality.
    Now we have two kinds of resin flow netting, one is 100g/sqm and price is US$0.50 /sqm fob tianjin port china ; the other one is 230g/sqm and its price is US$0.92 /sqm fob tianjin port china.
    1) 100g/sqm roll size= 1.2m x 100m
    2) 230g/sqm roll size= 1.2m x 50m

    If you want to get more info, so please send us a email by then we will reply to you soon.
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