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    This may be a bit off topic for smaller ships, but a lot of us are involved in areas that may be applicable, and SSC has funded projects in areas that have been applicable to smaller craft, notably loas on high speed craft, aluminum structure and fiberglass.

    From the Ship Structure Committee


    What's New

    We are soliciting research project recommendations for fiscal year 2015-2016. We are looking forward to your insightful project ideas and enthusiasm toward another successful year of SSC project completions. This year we are soliciting project recommendations a little differently. Please refer to the submittal instructions and research focus area table below . This provides the SSC a greater opportunity for obtaining funding to the topics currently of greatest concern.

    Submittal Instructions:

    Please click here for the MS Word outline format
    Do not include proprietary information
    MS Word Documents format only will be accepted
    Do not include any graphics, tables, sketches
    Keep the task descriptions brief - entire document no more than 4 pages
    Please submit all research recommendations electronically to the SSC Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Jeannette Grant, no later than December 22, 2014. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the SSC Administrative Assistant, at
    202-372-1368 or email Mrs.Jeannette Grant

    2015 SSC Research Focus Areas for Project Ideas

    Focus Area A Possible Example

    Severe Weather Performance Harsh Weather Oil & Gas Exploration & Production

    Polar Operations Implementation/Assessment of New IACS Polar Codes Construction Standards from New Structure R/V SIKULIAQ

    Management of Aging Ships Structures Improvement in Tools for Evaluating Structural Performance

    Alternative Fuels Design of Structures for Alternative Fuels Usage. (LNG, CNG, etc.)

    Maximizing Service Life Techniques to Extend Service Life of Ship Structures
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