Request for clarification on Form coefficients of fishery vessel

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    LOA =19.75m , LBP=17.83m, LWL=18.53m, Breadth moulded =6.50m, design draft=2m, spee10knots, displacement = 136.66 tonnes, froude number = 0.39. The above are the main particulars of my fishery vessel.. From the above particulars, i calculated block coefficient and i got it as 0.56. now i need to calculate mid-ship section coefficient for this fishery vessel, but i don't know how to calculate it properly. How can i get mid-ship section coefficient of fishery vessel from the above data? What are the suitable formulas to calculate form coefficients for fishing vessels? And what is the appropriate mid-ship section coefficient for my fishery vessel? Thanking you....
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    The first thing to say is that you check your calculation for block coefficient. I think it's not correct.
    With these data you can not calculate the mid-ship section coefficient. I designed fishing vessels Lwl 20.4 m, with pronounced keel, which, for the same displacement, had a m-s coeff = 0.46. But I would not take that figure as .
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