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Discussion in 'Forum Questions and Suggestions' started by gonzo, May 20, 2017.

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    gonzo Senior Member

    How do you add points in the new format?
  2. RHP
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    I used your email as a test case and couldn't find the option, sorry Gonzo!
  3. Boat Design Net Moderator
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    Boat Design Net Moderator Moderator

    The points from the previous forum software reputation system have all been placed as the Legacy Rep: which appears in the postbit and on the profile page. (This may be further integrated in the future but will appear as a separate field for now until the new system becomes equally developed at which point it may be merged in.)

    The new forum software doesn't have an exact corollary to the previous rep point system, but takes a different and much simpler approach.

    Each post in the main boat design forums can be liked.

    (The like button is excluded from the All Things Boats and Boating, FAQ, Marketplace-Boat Molds, and Marketplace forums in order to have Likes focused on the core subject boat design related posts). Previous posts which got positive feedback points in the old system have also been incremented by a Like during the import.

    The new forum software then uses a much simpler and less granular Trophy Point system which awards or increments Trophy Points at certain thresholds based on number of posts and number of likes a member's posts have received.
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