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Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by MotorCityBW, Feb 22, 2017.

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    I have an Albin 27 I'm rebuilding and am looking for cost effective DIY repower options. I've done considerable research on this and have determined the following:

    1) Looking for a cost & fuel efficient inboard diesel that will provide hot water, and run a Balmar 120amp alternator. Since the entire boat is a ground up renovation, reliability is key. I'm guessing this means new engine.

    2) Looking to cruise at hull speed with most efficient, quietest setup.

    3) Previous engine was a Nissan Ld28 (550lbs+ ) with is now sold off.

    I'm considering the Cummings 4b3.3m (65hp) and the Beta Marine 38. I know these are kind of opposite ends of the spectrum. The Cummings has been used by at least one other Albin owner who likes the set up, but reports max 9 knots and the boat squats when WOT. The Cummings weighs about 550-570lbs. Typically A27 owners repower with big engines (65-100+) hp so they purport to cruise at 10+ knots and get up on plane. But the reality is unless you have a extremely stripped down boat and 100hp+ you will never get that fast---and you don't burn 1gal/hr.

    I like the idea of the Beta 38 because its smaller, 200lbs lighter, narrower, probably quieter. I only want to run effectively & safely at hull speed for long range cruising. The Albin 27 is a 7,000lb boat, un-ballasted but with a 2' keel. This would the first A27 setup with a Beta 38. Although several A25's (smaller sister ship) have the Beta 28, I think.

    But the Beta costs more than the Cummings for similar options, believe it or not. Both engines probably burn about the same fuel depending on the sweet spot at hull speed. The engine cost is somewhere between 11-13k for either engine. Is there an argument to help me swallow the Beta cost.

    Is there any other option besides these two engines that's cheaper (sub $10k)and meets my criteria?

    Is there an even smaller, more cost effective reliable engine option I haven't considered?

    Thanks in advance
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    "Looking to cruise at hull speed with most efficient, quietest setup."

    Hull speed is a poor concept to use as a cruise speed.

    The knot or so difference between SL (the square rt of the operating LWL) and hull speed , usually SL x 1.34 can easily double + the fuel burn.,and noise.

    Plan on SL x .9 to SL x 1.1 and you should be fine with 2 -3 HP per ton (2240lbs).

    The kubbota engines are fine at what you will need 8-15hp at most and the engines can be had from truck reefers frequently for 3 for$1,000.

    Marinizing will be a parts hunt , unless you convert to Keel cooled , perhaps with a dry stack , the easiest conversion.

    Should you need a transmission, Volvo MD 6 or 7 Transmissiom
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    Squatting is common in high speed, powerful boats and ships in shallow water because there isn't enough flow underneath. Squat in the ocean, would mean way too much hp, prop and fuel. If you want to cruise faster, get a different boat, probably longer. I live on a former USCG 83'x 17'. It originally had 850 hp engines and did 23 knots. Now I make hull speed with 200 hp engines and cruise cheaply at 10 knots.
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    Update: the plan is to go with a new Beta Marine diesel probably Beta 38

    Details on this boat restoration and build is now on my YouTube channel

    it includes updates and info
    Thanks again

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    The original A25 only had 20hp, and designed for max efficiency. The lighter Beta was definately the way to go.
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