Replcng Centrbrd With Wing Keel

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by terabika, Jul 19, 2011.

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    I would enjoy some input on my idea. I have an Endeavor 32 with a centerboard. She draws 3'6" board up and 7' board down. The regular keel version draws 4'2" and is generally thought to sail to weather better. I hate to hear the board slap about. My thought is that the next dry haul, I will place a plate of 1" thick steel under the keel as she is set down, plate having already been wrapped in layers of glass/epoxy. this plate will look like an elongated teardrop and extend the length of the keel/ cebterboard box which is quite nearly flat on the bottom. It shall be glassed in and so protrude from the keel, to port and starboard, some 17" ( I use this number only because it is prime). This will certainly help lateral resistance, hopefully enough to offset the lack of centerboard. and it will put a good bit of weight down there as well. Thoughts and notions anyone??Thanks, Terry
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