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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by andersd, Jun 26, 2006.

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    I have a procraft boat fish/ski combo, that has rotting around the drain area. After I pulled back the carpet, I found that the drain was rotting and after I investigated more, it was rotting all the way across.

    I look at the ply wood and decided to cut the flooring out where it was bad, I looked at other area and it was good, then I thought if I have the carpet out, I should replaced the section of the flooring. I want to replace all the flooring, but the problem I face is that the flooring goes under the fliberglass sides and I am not sure it is nailed down, I hate to rip it out and find that the wood that is under the fiberglass is nailed, any answers on this one????

    Also what to use, I was told to use CDX, seal it and I wanted to fiberglass it in????????????????? What is the best to use and how to seal it

    Looking for some help,

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    Tough nut to crack if you want to buy a more rotproof installation than you had. I would not use CDX ply. Use fir marine rated ply, or if you want to really nail it use Coosa board: Laminate the material you use with some 9oz glass, work out good caulking to your verticals, and seal well around the drain. Hard to say on the demo questions. One way to go if you cannot remove from under things is to cut close: ~1" out, and screw a strip of material to act as a ledger board to carry the new floor. When you glass, carry over the seam and to the vertical. Make sure to caulk at vertical well before painting.

    Hope this helps

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