Replace Traveller and Track With What?

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by MMNet SEA, Jul 2, 2007.

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    Yes, but with camcleat fiddle at the bottom.

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    In good Company

    Hello Alan.

    Here is redemption - the Racing Yacht " Brunel "on the Volvo Round the World Race 2005/6 with no track/traveler - twin mainsheets .jpg Credit the photographer.

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  3. alan white
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    Looks like it could be the boat pictured has a single 4 part (probably to a winch), since both sides are taut, but your drawing is exactly what would work for you. It's a bit of a hassle, unsnapping one side each tack, but you're cockpit will be clear, and in any case, you can use just one side for short tacks. Short of using a high traveller, I think what you show is the only option.

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    What's The Traveller Do?

    A traveler may have 2 functions: It allows the boom to be brought up to centre when sailing close to the wind. And it can create some downward pressure when you want to flatten the main.

    The twin sheets can also provide these functions: Use the windward sheet to bring the boom back to centre. And, use the leeward sheet to control downward pressure.

    The leeward sheet can also act as a preventer for accidental gybes.

    Playing the sheets would be a little more complicated. Which would you adjust to maintain helm balance? Adjusting 1 may require adjusting both. Maybe on a cruiser, it would not be so critical.

    For some reason, twin sheets have not gained a lot of popularity.
  5. astevo
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    centre boom sheeting using the same traveller (shortened) off the cabin top?

  6. jim lee
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    If you put in that middle U-bolt I see in the pix, you could just use a single main sheet on lazy days. I bet after a bit you'd find that 99% of your days are lazy days.

    -jim lee
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