Replace flooring 16' Lund Rebel

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by tarullij, Mar 7, 2018.

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    I am new at this and have a lot of questions. I tore out the old flooring and saved it to use as a template. The inside measurement of the floor width is 50". What Lund did was rip the 4x8 pc. of plywood down to 46" and pieced in a 6" pc with the 46" sheet to makeup the 50". Question 1) I can duplicate that and have only 2 seams. (1 for the ripped side and 1 to make up the 9-1/2' to cover the overall length) Or I can run the marine plywood the other way (perpendicular) to the length and cut out 3 pieces with the seams running across the boat and supported by the cross supports.

    Do I cover the flooring with carpeting 1st before installing the floor by cutting biscuit joiners and gluing the entire thing together as one big pc.? Or should I install the plywood first leaving about 1/2" around the perimeter to allow for gluing and tucking the carpet over the edge?

    I will be treating the plywood with epoxy paint after cutting to fit. Please help me! This is my first boat restore.

    Also is it necessary to use tinned wiring to rewire the bilge pump, live well filling pump, aerator, running lights and fish-finder? Thank you ahead of time for your help.
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    The seams should cross the supports unless you are doing a panel that is full strength without need of supports. Doesn't sound like that is what you are doing. Carpet is going to have to be put down last.
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