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Discussion in 'Software' started by Michael Chudy, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. Michael Chudy
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    Michael Chudy Yacht Designer

    Will Flamingo be usable in Rhino 4? In looking at the website it seems 1.1 only works in Rhino 3 and previous. At the moment, to render in Flamingo do I need to save the Rhino 4 model to Rhino 3 and render from there?
  2. Steve Baer
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    Steve Baer Rhino Developer

    Hi Michael,
    Rhino 4 ships with two CDs. The second CD (the red one) contains Rhino 4 plug-in compatability updates; including Flamingo. If you already have Flamingo, you can install this update that works with Rhino 4.

    I was informed to tell you to make sure you actually have the Flamingo for Rhino 3 installed when you go to install the one for Rhino 4. The installation process is typically much smoother when this is the case.

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