Removing Palmer 220/Walter V-drive

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    Hi folks,

    I've posted in the restoring wooden boats forum and received some great feedback there. I thought that I'd post this issue here as it's more appropriate in the inboards forum.

    I'm restoring a 1973 Silverton that is powered by a Palmer 220 (Ford 302 based). The stringers/floors and angine mounts need attention and based on what research I've done here it seems that engine removal is the most reasonable course of action. I've pulled car engines in the past and successfully removed and installed a complete Mercruiser engine and sterndrive as part of another restoration so I'm familiar with the general principles of getting a powerplant out.

    My question regards preparations for engine removal and since I've never done a v-drive here are my questions:

    1. The prop shaft must be disconnected from the v-drive. There is a split flange that exits the v-drive. The prop shaft side of the flange consists of a set screw that locks the prop shaft to the flange and two clamping bolts that secure the prop shaft as well. Is it better to remove the shaft by unbolting the split flange, or is it better to remove the set screw and clamping bolts?

    2. Are there any isues that I'm likely to encounter as I attempt to slide the prop shaft away from the drive after it is disconnected?

    3. It seems reasonable to remove the engine, transmission and drive unit together and disassemble once they are out of the boat. I plan to mount the engine on a stand for the winter and reinstall in the spring. Are there any potential problems that I might encounter when separating the three components?

    I've attached a couple of photos below showing the engine mount configuration from above at the forward end of the engine compartment and below from the aft end.

    As always any comments and/or advise would be greatly appreciated.


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