Removing contact adhesive

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Steve W, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Steve W
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    Steve W Senior Member

    Well,lots of good suggestions here, i have tried one of the goo brands, dont remember which, it worked fine at softening the stuff up,just hard to wipe it away,it would be easier if the surface was smooth. I will try Alans suggestion of a paint stripper. I like Pars idea of an eraser, maybe i will try one of those ones you chuck up in a drill for removing stripes. There is a lot of surface area and if its too much of a job i will just glue on new fabric instead of painting. Another thing i will try is a Norton rapid strip brush. Fortunatly everything overhead is the auto carpet type fur which is fine because it doesnt have the foam, i dont love it but it has held up for 24 years and is as good as new.

  2. MechaNik
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    MechaNik Senior Member

    I use a Sandvik pull scraper to get most of it off. Then the trick for me no matter which product you use is to get some contact time.
    I achieve this by lying a rag over the glue to be removed, saturate it with remover (3m adhesive remover is for me) and then cover it with polypropylene sheet to seal it in. Give it a couple minutes and then rub with a rubber block. This seems to use far less adhesive remover than any other way I have tried.
  3. keith66
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    keith66 Senior Member

    I stripped the inside of an old grp yacht using a pressure washer, indescribably messy but it ripped the old contact glue off a treat. 27ft boat done in about one hour.
    The other way that is good but more time consuming is a webrax faced disc on a mini grinder.
    And if you get contact glue on new lining WD40 gets it off easy without destroying the surface colour like solvents will.
  4. Carteret
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    Carteret Senior Member

    CDK hit it. Use a side grinder with a wire brush attachment. Most side grinders turn up past 5,000 rpm. The wire brush will not gum up like sandpaper
  5. alan white
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    alan white Senior Member

    I once used a wire wheel on a grinder to remove the adhesive that was left behind after removing the carpet headliner of my sailboat. Worked fine but gruelling.

  6. Steve W
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    Steve W Senior Member

    Good to know that the wire wheel on an angle grinder may work, i can see how a presure washer would work,some strips of the stuff came away while vacuming off the foam dust, a nasty job no matter how you look at it. Thanks for all the suggestions.

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